two after twenty

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and the woods.

    Have I told you how much I’m looking forward to this weekend’s temperatures being in the double digits? I am absurdly excited. Hopefully this will be an actual “so long” to winter, so I thought it’d be appropriate to post these winter-y photos. These were taken about a month ago, during a quick […]

monday moment (fifty seven).

  Hey everyone! Happy Monday, and happy Monday Moment! This is an untouched scan (except for the added text) of a 35mm still, taken at the same time as this post. This is such a good example of why I like doing my Monday Moment series. I loved the imperfections of this photo, yet it […]

apartment in 35mm.

  It’s been too long since I’ve shared some 35mm captures. These were taken in Senaa’s apartment a few days ago while we warmed up after our walk around Wychwood Barns (the same day as this). This roll had been sitting in my Ricoh Singlex for a few months. It was so easy for me […]