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monday moment (sixty eight).

  Happy Monday Moment, friends. It’s a busy day today, but I was adamant about posting up a Moment on the blog this time! This one was taken during my lunch at >Mildred’s Temple Kitchen. + Currently listening to Fred Astaire by the awesome Australian band San Cisco. + A few weeks ago I was […]

mildred’s temple kitchen.

  There are so many amazing places to eat in Liberty Village. I’m talking everything – from fast-food, take-out, espressos, scrumptious brunches, fancy eats and everything in between. Mildred’s Temple Kitchen is one I’ve been meaning to visit for a long time, and it didn’t let me down. First off, I’m a huge fan of […]

avocado and egg on toast.

          I took a few photos while I was assembling my breakfast earlier today. Avocado and egg on toast is one of my very favourite things. It’s simple, easy and I’m a total egg addict. Add some salt and pepper and BAM – I’ve got myself a few bites of bliss. […]