more thirty five.

by two after twenty

I need a proper camera bag. It’s coming to the inevitable point where I am carrying multiple camera bodies; one digital, one film, one instant film and one disposable (okay okay, disposables are small, but still!). This means I walk around with a very heavy purse that I’ve haphazardly converted into a camera bag and when I find something to take a photo of, I spend the longest time taking a photo, then swapping cameras to take the exact same photo, then swapping cameras again. The end result is me having multiple photos of the same thing in a bunch of different formats. So, with that being said, here is the hundredth post (haa) of some shots from Riverdale Farm, but this time in 35mm. Sorry for the constant Senaa/Riverdale posts, I just have so much from that day (it was such a photo-friendly day!). Also, as always, I haven’t touched up any of these film scans except for resizing.


Some explanation. The above and next shots are from Vancouver. In Vancouver, one of the perfs must’ve caught when I was rewinding (or my Ricoh just decided to throw a little tantrum), but this was the result. I got a bit scared because as I was unloading, I thought I had made a mistake and exposed the film, but it all worked out at the end, except for this little mishap. Either way, I welcome it – I like these little imperfections and how organic they kind of are.