the vancouver aquarium.

by two after twenty

Those who know me well will know I’m a nut about underwater things. I am obsessed with docs like Blue Planet and can watch jellyfish fwoomp through water all day if I could. So the Vancouver Aquarium was completely amazing to me. Just a note: it was very dark in this entire venue, I pretty much had to be wide open the entire time – some of these are a little soft and noisy for my liking. BUT, the particles in the water kinda look like film grain, which is pretty cool!


I need to interject quickly: these sea otters are very likely the same otters as these guys, since that video was also taken at the Vancouver Aquarium. EXCITING! I’m just going to say that they are definitely the same ones from the video (celebrity animal sighting – check!), although they chose not to hold hands the day I was there.


Little details to spot: The creatures that look like underwater quills. The baby monkey on the mama monkey’s back. Highlights: The beluga whale was amazing and so were the cute and cuddly sea otters, but the jellyfish tank was by far my favouritefavouritefavourite.