moseying through riverdale farm.

by two after twenty

I decided to pause on the Vancouver photos for a sec, to upload the second half of this post. These were all taken at Riverdale Farm, but this time sans Senaa (well, she snuck in here once or twice!)


I figured I should post these, as they’re so autumn-y (taken a few weeks ago!), and December is right around the corner. And though there is only 1 photo of a sheep, there were actually about 15 sheep and I took a bajillion photos of them because they were by far the BEST things on the farm. Sheep are, for some reason, equal parts cute and hilaaaarious. I decided not to spam this post with a crapload of sheep photos though, mainly because I didn’t want to seem weird, and also because they’re far less endearing when there aren’t 15 of them in front of you, chewing and staring at you (ahaha … just thinking about it).

Also, I’m trying to find a good/cheap photo lab in Toronto that I can go to for all my film needs. Anyone in the city have any suggestions?