among floating houses.

by two after twenty

I have an overwhelming amount of photos from my trip out west to British Columbia, but here’s what I’ve decided to share first: my walk along Victoria’s Fisherman’s Wharf, where a surprise was waiting for me. (3/4 photos down!)


Seeing the seals along the harbour was probably one of the highlights of my entire trip. They followed me as I walked along the harbour! Ack, AMAZING! Also, note, I didn’t orchestrate the photo of all of the pointed fingers to the water; a crowd of people wandered over to see what I was crazily taking photos of, and were just as amazed as I was to see what was in the water below.

Then there were the floating houses along the harbour. These houses in the wharf are actually house-type boats. Inside they’re perfectly normal, complete with hardwood floors, full kitchens, doors mats & beds etc. Outside they’re just, y’know, houses floating on water. They were all eccentric too and each had their own personal touch. And (this seems to happen a lot to me) a cat came by and decided to pose for me as I was leaving.