oh hi, baby brownie.

by two after twenty


This little guy is a thoughtful gift that Senaa brought back for me from her trip to New York City (for those who don’t know, she is the star of this post). It’s a Kodak Brownie Starmite from the 1960’s, small and too cute! Not sure if the camera’s in working condition, it’s definitely worn down a bit, but I love it anyway.¬†As I was setting this guy down and taking photos of it amongst the leaves, a family not too far away from me was doing the same with their baby … hahaa.

I’m currently sitting in the smallest airport I’ve been to yet (Victoria International Airport), waiting for my flight to Vancouver (and then transferring back to Toronto). Thought I’d do a quick post, at the same time while I watch airport workers load luggage onto the plane a few feet right outside the window (seriously – this airport is small). Looking forward to going through the overwhelming amount of photos I took during my trip and sharing them here later!