winter walks up north.

by two after twenty


It’s hard to believe that I’m calling a photo shoot that happened in mid-April “a winter walk”. Joel and I drove an hour north of the city to explore his favourite nature paths and sights. One place we were definitely not going to skip was Joel’s favourite willow tree path, a dirt road lined with beautiful, gigantic willow trees. Well, when we got there, things became a bit heartbreaking. It turns out that the Toronto ice storm tore those beautiful willow trees apart, and what once was a beautiful willow tree path has become a path of the ice storm remains … to be honest, it was a little haunting! Some of the willow tree photos are below, and a few may recognize that sight from my Instagram or Joel’s Instagram.

Despite the wind, the cold, and all that willow tree sadness, we continued our little photo walk and made the most of it all. The one or two portraits of me were taken by Joel. Talented guy, seriously – he has the magic to make me look not-so-awkward. Thanks buddy!