monday moment (sixty seven).

by two after twenty


Happy Monday Moment, friends! This was taken during >my walk with Joel in the woods. I’m sorry for missing a Monday Moment last week – it’s been hectic and the heat wave last week was the not-so cherry on top.

+ On repeat this week: Don’t Just Sit There by my new favourites, Lucius.
+ I love puzzle game apps. Currently loving the impeccably designed Hundreds.
+ Obsessed with Suits. I had been meaning to watch it for a while, and recently got around to it this weekend. LOVE that this is shot in Toronto – it’s awesome to see familiar locations, too!
+ I am constantly in awe by my Instagram contacts. Loving these ones in particular this week: this one by kirstinmckee, this one by lolamyers, and this one by withcamera.