monday moment (fifty one).

by two after twenty


Today’s Monday Moment, taken at The Chinese University of Hong Kong. This was a beautiful spot right beside my brother’s old residence, back when he attended the university years ago.

+ Listening to a lot of Tom Waits this week. A funny side-story: I was in the process of picking “Hold on” on while watching The Walking Dead, and right when I was selecting it, a character started singing a rendition of this song at the same time. Creepily coincidental.
+ In love with homemadebaker‘s awesome creations. An amazing friend and baker – I had her red velvet cupcake earlier this week.
+ My Instagram contacts never fail to amaze me. These in particular were amazing: this one by sarahjeanette_, this one by pketron and this one by my super awesome pal, taylorbateman.