joy bistro bar.

by two after twenty


Alright, let’s take a break from all these travel photos and Monday moments and get back to what I really love doing: eating and shooting where/what I eat. Last Friday, Jackson and I went to the Robocop/Total Recall set sale, a huge warehouse sale where you can buy set pieces and props from both films. Before we perused the warehouse full of strange steel furniture pieces and bright futuristic neon signs, we decided to get a bite in Leslieville. I guess you can also say it could qualify as our belated Valentine’s Day celebration … the boy and I are really not into the whole Valentines Day deal, and forgot that Thursday was even Valentine’s Day to begin with.

I had always wanted to try Lady Marmalade’s brunch, which has topped many Toronto Top Ten Brunch Lists. Unfortunately there was an atrociously long wait at Lady Marmalade, and with windy -15 degree Celsius weather, my body (specifically my toes) firmly vetoed all “waiting outside” options. So Jackson and I walked a few doors down to Joy Bistro Bar.

Since it was a weekday, we didn’t get the chance to try their famous brunch either, but their lunch was still tasty. Jackson had their celeriac and thyme puree soup with roasted apple, maple bacon and crispy potato to start, and then their pulled lamb shank pot pie as his main course. I had their mini Caesar salad, paired with their grilled chicken clubhouse sandwich. Joy’s was cozy, cute and classy (ah, unintentional alliteration). Hopefully next time I’ll be able to finally try their weekend brunch!