monday moment (fifty).

by two after twenty


Happy Monday Moment, everyone! And to all my Canadian pals, Happy Family Day! I hope everyone’s getting a chance to enjoy their day with loved ones.

This was taken on our flight to Hong Kong. Unbelievably tired and groggy from the long flight, everyone on the plane had their window shades closed. Like the rebel that I am (haa), I decided to pull the shade up (much to my brother’s annoyance … sorry, brother). Flying to Asia from the west coast of North America is amazing. You end up flying over the most amazing landscapes; the snowy mountains and isolated areas were so majestic to see.

Side note: I can’t believe this is my 50th Monday Moment. Two more until I’ve completed my year of Monday Moments. Wondering if I should continue the project again for another year :)

+ My “jam” this week: Into Black by Blouse.
+ I need to attempt this lobster ravioli recipe by half baked harvest and this crispy BLT salad by howsweeteats … y’know, once I learn how to cook!
+ These Instagrams blew my away this week: this one by chrisconnolly, this one by alice_gao and this one by aialahernando.