saving grace.

by two after twenty


I’ve never really thought about posting a negative (food) experience on here, mostly because in my little food adventures around the city, I’ve been pretty pleased. I get to the eatery, take some photos, eat/drink plenty, and then I impatiently wait until I can post them up to share with you all. When Senaa and I went to Saving Grace, which has been on almost every recently published list of “top brunch places in Toronto”, our expectations were high. Unnnfortunately … we were pretty disappointed.

Our food wasn’t great (and kind of burnt), the decor was sort of bland. The service was a bit shotty, our seats were by a drafty window, and we were sitting on thin planks of wood. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for vintage/worn wood looks and eccentric seats, but not so much when I feel like I’m sitting on a wobbly window sill that could crash down at any second. It was just surprising, having such an acclaimed brunch Toronto treasure to let us down so hard. But who knows! Maybe it was an “off” day for them. It very well could’ve been. In any case, I still managed to shoot a bit too, so I can’t complain too much!


Saving Grace – 907 Dundas Street West