ezra’s pound.

by two after twenty


After a less than pleasant brunch at Saving Grace on Dundas West (that post to come later), Senaa and I decided to recuperate a few doors down at Ezra’s Pound. It was a total fluke – we needed coffee, we walked a few frozen steps … and there it was.

Ezra’s Pound is kind of like a much cozier, much less hyped Dark Horse. Bonus: Senaa and I didn’t have to spend half an hour searching for a seat, like we did on one of our visits to the Dark Horse (actually, we gave up looking for a seat once, and camped out in the lobby beside Dark Horse like super cool people). Ezra’s is charming and modern, and a little whimsy (below, you’ll see a mannequin chilling out in a corner). Plus, the coffee was amazing – even the hot chocolate had art on the top. Any pretty latte art is a win in my books.