monday moment (one).

by two after twenty


Note: the above is in no way an attempt at poetry. This is actually a small idea I’ve had for weeks, and I’m finally getting around to it now. Those who know me will know I obsess over fonts/type/typography-related things, and now I’m turning this slight obsession into what I am calling, “Monday Moments”.

This is what I’ve come up with: every Monday, I’ll post up a still with a few words. I struggled to figure out what those words would be – inspirational quotes are overdone, song lyrics melodramatic. I was about to give up on the project, but then something crossed my mind. So much about an environment is missed when we see a photograph (there have been so many instances where I would show an image to a friend and end up hearing myself say, “But it was so much cooler than this, I swear!”). That said, I’m going to pair a still with a few (unpunctuated) words on the missing off-camera details (smell, feel, cold gusts of wind, etc.). Plus, this gives me an excuse to get all those photos that don’t fit into a series or a collection a chance to get out of that lonely, dark “waiting” folder.

So here it is, Monday Moment (one). A 35mm shot of a window at the studio, with some real light leakage.