two after twenty

Month: August, 2013

monday moment (sixty nine).

  It’s Monday, so Happy Monday Moment, everyone! Taking some leaps into the abstract here – this was also from my lunch at Mildred’s Temple Kitchen. If you squint really hard, you can see the outline of the open kitchen! + I got a TUMBLR. After discovering some of my photos circulating the Tumblr world, […]

monday moment (sixty eight).

  Happy Monday Moment, friends. It’s a busy day today, but I was adamant about posting up a Moment on the blog this time! This one was taken during my lunch at >Mildred’s Temple Kitchen. + Currently listening to Fred Astaire by the awesome Australian band San Cisco. + A few weeks ago I was […]

wallpaper wednesday (four).

    Happy Wallpaper Wednesday, friends. I must apologize for the lack of Monday Moments on the blog – it’s been a busy few weeks, but there will definitely be a new Monday Moment next week. For now, enjoy this wallpaper – a photo taken during my walk through Wan Chai in Hong Kong. This […]