two after twenty

Month: April, 2013

monday moment (fifty nine).

  Today’s Monday Moment, taken during my visit to my Grandfather and Grandmother’s village in Mainland China.

and the woods.

    Have I told you how much I’m looking forward to this weekend’s temperatures being in the double digits? I am absurdly excited. Hopefully this will be an actual “so long” to winter, so I thought it’d be appropriate to post these winter-y photos. These were taken about a month ago, during a quick […]

monday moment (fifty eight).

  Happy Monday Moment, friends! You might be able to tell from the above Monday Moment that we’re still feeling the wintery colds here in Toronto. It’s warming up a bit, but not enough. I just want to bust out my spring clothes, and put away these heavy sweaters! + This week’s jam: Sweater Weather […]