two after twenty

Month: January, 2013

monday moment (forty seven).

  Today’s Monday Moment, a still from visiting my ancestral villages in China (more photos from that day to come soon). + I know the Drive soundtrack may be old news, but I’ve gone back to listening to it on repeat once again. Can’t help it, it’s too good! One of my favourites is A […]

a walk around Jiangmen.

  I’ve travelled overseas twice in my life: once to Hong Kong when I was 9 (where I had to be hospitalized for most of the trip due to food poisoning), and then a 2-day family cruise when I was 15 (where we only had one dock, which was Nassau … we weren’t able to […]

monday moment (forty six).

  Happy Monday Moment, everyone! This is a still from this walk. It was taken back on a really cold day in the fall … which is almost laughable now, seeing as it’s going to be -15 degrees celsius tomorrow here in Toronto. Ack! Please stay warm, friends! + I’m a little slow on the […]