two after twenty

Month: November, 2012

monday moment (forty two).

  Happy Monday, everyone! Today’s Monday Moment was taken during the making of this little video (with this delicious recipe by ambitious kitchen).   + I just saw Metric at the ACC this weekend, and of course they were amazing. They ended the night with this acoustic version of this jam.

monday moment (forty one).

  Happy Monday Moment, everyone! You might recognize these guys from my previous Instagram post. These macaroons were brought straight from Paris by my lovely sister-in-law and brother. They were delicious.     + Currently listening to this song over and over. + New Instagram profiles are up! Here’s mine.

nutella stuffed chocolate chip cookies.

    Nutella. Stuffed. Cookies. If there’s anything I’ve learned from shooting this video or baking this amazing recipe from ambitious kitchen, it’s to never edit footage while you’re hungry. My stomach really wasn’t happy with me during this process and was pretty vocal about it, too. These are some photos from that little video […]