two after twenty

Month: October, 2012

monday moment (thirty six).

  Happy Monday! And here is today’s Monday Moment, which sums up how I feel right now about Toronto weather: cold. Cold, cold, cold. I’ve been keeping so many of my summer items in my drawers thinking, “surely I can wear these shorts again this year!”. Yeah, not so much. It’s getting to that point […]

a photo walk with joel.

  Joel and I went for a very quick photo walk on (Canadian) Thanksgiving Monday, in the same woods as this series. While we were driving, I kept telling Joel I was really excited because the light during magic hour in these woods is amazing, etc. (seriously, I wouldn’t shut up about it). I guess […]

monday moment (thirty five).

  Today’s Monday Moment. Happy Canadian Thanksgiving! I am so thankful for what I have, and hope you’re all spending this weekend with loved ones and lots of turkey. I am not ashamed to say I’ve already consumed four slices of cheesecake within 18 hours. Nom.