two after twenty

Month: June, 2012

monday moment (twenty).

  Ack! Apologies for such a late Monday Moment. I barely had time to squeeze this in today, but I am determined to keep up with my promise for one every Monday. This is a 35mm still, taken around the studio. Phew, it’s been a crazy few days, but a lot of fun as well. […]

monday moment (nineteen).

  Today’s Monday Moment, a very summery one in 35mm. I felt it was appropriate after a weekend at a friend’s cottage for Kayla’s birthday (again, happy biiirthday, Bay!). It was a very relaxing weekend, but now we’re back to a hectic schedule!

alyson & ian.

    I can’t put into words how cute these two are in front of the camera. I’ve known Alyson and Ian since middle school, and their big day is in exactly four weeks from now. We braved the hot and humid air to take some photos in the Mississauga forests last weekend. We climbed […]