two after twenty

Month: April, 2012

envelope one.

My very good friend Senaa (a very familiar face around this blog) never fails to surprise. Firstly, let me say this: I, like many other bloggers, like to keep my blog a “happy place”. I never like to touch on personal issues and frustrations, etc. – this is strictly a stress-free zone. But this is […]

monday moment (ten).

  Today’s Monday Moment. An old 35mm print taken at the same time as this series. Must view large (just click the photo!). And a huge congratulations to my older brother, Adrian. He’s engaged! Congrats Adrian & Victoria!

the lakeview restaurant.

  I feel silly writing any kind of introduction for this popular spot across from Trinity Bellwoods, but I will say this: because of the 24-hour sign, The Lakeview can be a completely different place to different people. It can be the place to get cheap breakfast, or the place to get REAL authentic milkshakes, […]