two after twenty

Month: March, 2012

a handful of cupcakes.

  I don’t cook. I’m an instant disaster in the kitchen. I once set my toaster oven on fire trying to make a pop tart. And there was one time where I made lunch for Jackson and myself, and I burned the grilled cheese to a black crisp (I tried to scrape off the black, […]

grand electric.

  Margret, Jackson and I made our way to the much hyped about Grand Electric a few weeks ago. And honestly, the whole experience was a blur of messy hands, thumping music and good Mexican food. I firmly believe any trip to Grand Electric automatically makes for a strong bonding experience. Seriously. The three of […]

monday moment (seven).

  Monday Moment (seven). This still taken along Scenic Drive in Victoria, BC back in November 2011. Click the photo to view large.