two after twenty

Month: January, 2012

aunties and uncles.

  I finally went to “Aunties & Uncles” for brunch with Senaa yesterday. I don’t want to sound too much like I’m about to burst into song, buuuuut it was incredible. This place now hangs out at the top of my “favourite places to eat brunch in Toronto” list, along with places like Starving Artist, […]

novy and the woods.

My beautiful friend Novy and I decided to take a quick walk through the forests of Mississauga last week (Mississauga has forests?!). It was really cold (you can see the breath in these photos), but Novy was a true trooper and let me snap some photos of her whilst politely freezing. Near the end of […]

crème brûlée on film.

  I had a few more left on an unfinished roll of film, so I decided to use them on a new amazing find: Costco crème brûlée. Ooookay, before you really start questioning my standards, let me defend myself quickly. Crème brûlée is something that’s way above my cook-at-home difficulty limit (which admittedly isn’t very […]