two after twenty

Month: November, 2011

hello, vancouver!

This is a really quick post from my aunt’s house in Victoria, BC (so really, the title of this should read: “Hello, Victoria”). I arrived in Vancouver last week, and made my way to Victoria yesterday. This is kind of a sneak preview of the MANY photos I’ve taken out west so far. A very, […]

senaa and her orange coat.

(So this is a huge post. Sorry in advance.) Last week I had a little photo walk with Senaa at Riverdale Farm in Cabbagetown. This was sort of my first time having a photo session with a model/person/human to take photos of, and the whole experience was really great. Walking around the farm with our […]

rambles & film.

I’m reading Mindy Kaling’s new book, “Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me”, and it’s pretty good so far (I am waiting for Amy Poehler to write and release a witty-named memoir as well, so I can complete the women-in-comedy trilogy: Tina/Mindy/Amy.) Like most memoir-type reads, Mindy speaks of friends and enemies from her past, and […]