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a cup of happy – mccafe pods.

  I’ve been a coffee lover since forever. Okay, not forever – but probably since grade 8 (which, yes, is probably way too young). Throughout my university days, I was averaging maybe 4 cups a day (yes, too much!), but now I have about a cup every other morning and it’s always something I look […]

colette grand café.

  When I was freelancing, I looked everywhere in Toronto for different places to set up with a laptop and a nice steaming mug (and a power outlet – definitely a must). Looking back, I wish I had known of Colette Grand Cafe. Stepping into Colette is like stepping into a different world (especially during […]

mums in the morning.

  It’s been too long since I’ve posted! Things have been so hectic during this summer, which is such a lame excuse (I know), but hopefully some of you have been keeping up by catching a few glimpses through my Instagram feed. I’ve been getting into the bad habit of not carrying around my Canon […]