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tasting menu at richmond station.

  My new set of Monday Moments will be resuming next week! I’ve decided to take a brief break and post about my absolutely amazing visit to Richmond Station. I had the privilege of trying the Richmond Station tasting menu with Margret and Jackson two weekends ago, which was a highly gluttonous weekend (a bit […]

joy bistro bar.

  Alright, let’s take a break from all these travel photos and Monday moments and get back to what I really love doing: eating and shooting where/what I eat. Last Friday, Jackson and I went to the Robocop/Total Recall set sale, a huge warehouse sale where you can buy set pieces and props from both […]

monday moment (forty two).

  Happy Monday, everyone! Today’s Monday Moment was taken during the making of this little video (with this delicious recipe by ambitious kitchen).   + I just saw Metric at the ACC this weekend, and of course they were amazing. They ended the night with this acoustic version of this jam.