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two after twenty turns one!

  “two after twenty” turns one today! A year ago, I uploaded my first post onto this little blog. To celebrate, a strawberry birthday macaroon :) Yay for birthdays! Thank you to everyone who comes by this little space, to all the new blog/Twitter/Instagram friends I’ve made, and to those who have given me such […]


  This is the first time I’m writing about the film I wrote and directed a few months ago; a collection of stills from the film are above. “Faraway” is about a girl who has trouble communicating with her Grandmother. It was based on my own experiences, premiered at York Finish Line and was selected […]

gothic hallowe’en.

  I’ve essentially skipped Hallowe’en the last 3 years. I love this time of year, but school always ate up my chance to dress up. This year, I got to pull together a costume for a friend’s gothic-themed Hallowe’en party. I’m proud to say I didn’t fall under the too-much-skin category, although I did get […]