two after twenty

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monday moment (twenty two).

  Today’s ridiculously late Monday Moment, again in 35mm. Gah, this one almost didn’t make it up. But again, I’m too determined to stick with this project. I can’t even comprehend that this photo was taken during the coldest days of this past winter. The days have been so hot and humid and muggy lately, […]

monday moment (twenty one).

  Today’s Monday Moment, taken at the same time as this post, in 35mm. Ugh, I hate when Monday Moments stack on the blog … but I will definitely be updating the blog more this week. Promise! It’s been so crazy the last few days!

monday moment (twenty).

  Ack! Apologies for such a late Monday Moment. I barely had time to squeeze this in today, but I am determined to keep up with my promise for one every Monday. This is a 35mm still, taken around the studio. Phew, it’s been a crazy few days, but a lot of fun as well. […]