two after twenty

monday moment (seventy one).


Hi all, and happy Monday Moment everyone! It’s a dark, gloomy, rainy Monday here in Toronto. This weekend I stocked up on cozy, comfy sweaters for the fall, so I’m all ready for the cold (when it decides to show up, that is!).

+ Haim just released their new album, and you can listen to the full stream here. I’m currently loving Falling.
+ Instagrams I’m loving this week: this one by themeep, this one by nicole_franzen, and this one by my good friend kymchy.

monday moment (seventy).


Happy Monday Moment, friends! This was taken in Hong Kong. I realized that I have so many photos from my Asia trip 9 months ago that I haven’t posted yet! There will be more to come in the next few weeks.

+ Speaking of Hong Kong – loving this time lapse video by the talented Javin Lau.
+ Listening to Forrest Gump by Frank Ocean this week.
+ As expected, I am loving ios7. The design, the animations – EVERYTHING! Erm, except for the calendar. Which brings me to Sunrise, a calendar app I downloaded to replace the ios7 calendar app. I love it – AND it’s free!
+ Instagrams I’m loving this week: this one by bonjourceline, this one by kimhaggstrom, and this absolutely gorgeous one by michiesharine.

leah’s bakery.


Hey guys – I am SO sorry about my lack of posts around this little space. Things have been hectic, what with the start of classes and the Toronto International Film Fest! Unfortunately there’s no Monday Moment today again, but I’ll make it up with a post about Leah’s Bakery – I hope this wins me back some points!

A few years ago, when I lived at St. Clair West and Bathurst, I always found myself walking by Leah’s Bakery and never having the opportunity to step in for a quick coffee or snack. I’m so glad I finally had the chance to explore this cozy nook a few weeks ago with Senaa. Leah’s is much like my favourite Toronto bakery Ella’s Uncle. It’s a small space, but the inviting warmth of the staff and its niche within the community squashes any space issue.

Oh, and I grabbed myself a butter tart, Senaa the double chocolate brownie. Obviously there were no complaints – just delicious (and affordable) treats.