snapshots for a stomach.

by two after twenty


So I know that these are all photos of food – exotic food, not so exotic food, and food I said I wouldn’t eat but ate anyway. Yes, there are many documented food-happenings here, but in no way is this blog about food. But really, what else could you expect from my first post. Really.

The CNE had this selection of not-so-friendly-to-your-heart burgers, and the Krispy Kreme burger was the flagship burger of the five on the menu. The one I wanted but didn’t have the guts to buy was the grilled cheese burger – that is, a hunk of meat between two grilled cheese sandwiches. Anyway, we ordered the infamous donut burger, added a fried egg (as if we didn’t think it was epic enough already). It was kind of delicious, but mostly confusing.

And – mini deep fried REAL crabs from Pacific Mall, covered in sesame. And for less unusual food, Khao San Road below with deep fried squash & their curry bowl.