the black hoof.

by two after twenty

A week or so ago, I went to The Black Hoof on Dundas and Ossington with Margret. I fell in love. Everything about The Black Hoof was right up my alley – the lighting, the worn vintage wood decor, the FOIE GRAS! Everything except erm, the 1 hour wait. But the food was worth it – and the wait was essentially non-existent, since they had us enjoy ourselves at the Black Hoof cocktail bar across the street (where I had the best foie gras of my life, photo below). The menu could be a little adventurous for some, but every plate has its own personality that once it’s set in front of you, it’s really hard to resist. (Also, big ups to Margret, who knew this place would be rad & suggested we go there. That lady is a restaurant connoisseur.)


The Black Hoof - 928 Dundas Street West