steveston harbour, bc.

by two after twenty

I’m uploading this post reeking of coffee smell, but at the same time remembering the salty sea stink of the Steveston Harbour – ack, my head! Anyway, here are some snippets from the Steveston Harbour in Richmond, just south of Vancouver.


Vancouver has such a distinct type of cold! It’s a damp-and-windy cold, the type of cold to sneak into your sleeves and go straight to your bones. Toronto definitely has its moments of cold, but it’s really not the same. I can roam around Toronto streets with tights and be perfectly fine on a winter day, but I wore tights and jeans together in Vancouver and I could hardly think because I was that cold. My fingers were turning into little popsicles as I was snapping these, while some locals walked by in shorts like it was summer.

Little details to spot: (Diptych) The waiter puts out blankets for those brave patio diners. (5th from the bottom) The droplets of water before it falls on all zee crab.