rambles & film.

by two after twenty

I’m reading Mindy Kaling’s new book, “Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me”, and it’s pretty good so far (I am waiting for Amy Poehler to write and release a witty-named memoir as well, so I can complete the women-in-comedy trilogy: Tina/Mindy/Amy.) Like most memoir-type reads, Mindy speaks of friends and enemies from her past, and they’re all pretty funny. But I wonder: when writers talk about their past and include an awful/embarrassing story about a person from their past, what is that person thinking as they come across it today? “Person X” probably walked by the book in a store, recognized the author and flipped through casually, not expecting a whopping four pages dedicated to them. And what if that Person X’s spouse/friend/whatever read that book too, and didn’t know it was based on Person X to begin with, and were all, “Haha, what a funny chapter on someone really horrible, eh Person X?”. Anyway. I’m getting kind of confused. But that’s just a small, random thought. I can’t help but curiously (and excitedly) wait for someone from my past to get really famous, and then write an awful/embarrassing story about me.

Anyway. Here are some prints from my last roll of colour film. I wasn’t quite happy with the results. I am realizing what I enjoy taking photos of with film, and what I don’t.