gothic hallowe’en.

by two after twenty


I’ve essentially skipped Hallowe’en the last 3 years. I love this time of year, but school always ate up my chance to dress up. This year, I got to pull together a costume for a friend’s gothic-themed Hallowe’en party. I’m proud to say I didn’t fall under the too-much-skin category, although I did get a bit lost with the “goth” theme and accidentally ended up looking like a creepy, Tim Burton-y burlesque dancer. Ah well. Let’s just say Tim Burton-y burlesque dancers are Victorian gothic, and that that’s what I was originally going for.

The most important point is, the costume was mostly free. In fact, a lot of credit goes to Kayla, since I basically borrowed almost everything from that awesome lady.

Left to Right: 1. A black tiered strap dress. 2. Make-up. Ridiculous amounts of eyeliner (pencil, liquid, y’know). The mascara that I usually avoid because it makes me look like a spider queen, but wore for this occasion. Dark lipstick. Black nail polish. 3. Black tights. 4. A super cool hat thingie. Wearing this hat thingie is similar to wearing a cape. You instantly feel stupid, yet invincible. 5. A corset. This was a new experience that brought new challenges. Like, breathing. 6. Jewelry. The necklace I borrowed from my mom, who I guess went through her own gothic phase at some point in her life. The earrings are from Kara, when we did that clothes Tradesies thing a few months back. Missing: Black lace gloves.