a cup of happy – mccafe pods.

by two after twenty


I’ve been a coffee lover since forever. Okay, not forever – but probably since grade 8 (which, yes, is probably way too young). Throughout my university days, I was averaging maybe 4 cups a day (yes, too much!), but now I have about a cup every other morning and it’s always something I look forward to.

And yep, mornings are busy. We all know that feeling – hitting snooze way too many times, rushing around half-dressed and trying to wrangle together a quick smoothie and a coffee in the other hand (or maybe this isn’t as common and are just my mornings … either way). So when these McCafe pods came along, I can’t tell you how much easier these haphazard mornings became – slip in the machine, press “brew”, and there you go. One morning task off the checklist!

Also, when I first opened the bag to these pods, the strong aroma of fresh coffee hit me. It is so strong, probably because of the way these pods are constructed. 100% compostable (insert hand praising emoji here), with a mesh underside. Honestly, one less stress in the morning – cup, brew, coffee ready, boom.