monday moment (sixty nine).

by two after twenty


It’s Monday, so Happy Monday Moment, everyone! Taking some leaps into the abstract here – this was also from my lunch at Mildred’s Temple Kitchen. If you squint really hard, you can see the outline of the open kitchen!

+ I got a TUMBLR. After discovering some of my photos circulating the Tumblr world, I’ve decided to sign up and start one for myself! It’ll serve as an inspiration board, but also as a way to share some of my own photos.
+ Holy moly Instagram. How did I end up on their Suggested User list? Thanks, Instagram! Somehow being a Suggested User means you go from 5,000 followers to 13,000+ over the span of 3 days. Also, thank you thank you thank you to everyone who’s been so kind with their support and congratulations. I’m mega flattered! My instagram can be found here.
+ I’ve been listening to a lot of San Cisco. They kind of remind me of Vampire Weekend, actually. Digging Nepal this week.
+ My Instagram contacts impress me every day. Here are a few favourites: this stunner by artchang, this one by dearleila, and this one by jasenmartin.