wallpaper wednesday (one).

by two after twenty


I have an unhealthy obsession with changing my desktop wallpaper. Changing my wallpaper gives me the same “refreshing” feeling that also comes with repainting a room. I get an exciting buzz, a feeling of “newness” when I dress my desktop with a completely new look (see, I told you … unhealthy). After a few of my friends asked for wallpaper sizes of my photos and I started to send those out to them, I realized – hey, I have these wallpapers just sitting on my computer, why not share some of them with you lovely friends? And double hey – I also love alliteration, why not be extra annoying with it and start something called “Wallpaper Wednesdays”?!

And here it is! A Wallpaper Wednesday for you lovelies. I’m thinking this will be more of a bi-monthly/monthly thing as opposed to a weekly, so expect these wallpapers to crop up randomly on any Wednesday. (If you have any requests for any photos I’ve posted here in the past, you can e-mail me or comment below.)


Today’s Wallpaper Wednesday is from this past weekend’s post on the beautiful peonies that grow in my backyard. It’s also my current wallpaper on my own laptop (though that may change in an hour or so).

• To DOWNLOAD Wallpaper Wednesday (one), CLICK HERE and enjoy.