monday moment (fifty seven).

by two after twenty


Hey everyone! Happy Monday, and happy Monday Moment! This is an untouched scan (except for the added text) of a 35mm still, taken at the same time as this post. This is such a good example of why I like doing my Monday Moment series. I loved the imperfections of this photo, yet it didn’t meld well with the aesthetic of the other 35mm scans of the “apartment in 35mm” blog post. So … ta-da! This photo got Monday Moment-ed.

+ Listening to Other People by Beach House, over and over.
+ I’ve finally switched from Adobe Suite CS5 to CS6 and the difference is incalculable. Before this, I was processing photos in Photoshop CS5, with the non-retina update on a retina macbook pro. I can’t believe how wonderful having a retina-capable Adobe Photoshop is … for some reason, I feel like I have a completely new computer.
+ In love with this font.
+ A new addition to the family! His name is Wallace.
+ A few favourites from Instagram this week: this one by cupofherbaltea, this one by artchang, and this one by diyosacarter.