apartment in 35mm.

by two after twenty


It’s been too long since I’ve shared some 35mm captures. These were taken in Senaa’s apartment a few days ago while we warmed up after our walk around Wychwood Barns (the same day as this).

This roll had been sitting in my Ricoh Singlex for a few months. It was so easy for me to overlook my film camera, what with my digital Canon/Instagram, etc. It’s really not that I forgot how much I loved working with 35mm … I guess convenience and instant gratification with digital just got the better of me for a bit! Getting my developed 35mm prints back and physically going through them with my hands brought back that sheer excitement I always get with film. I’m really going to make it a goal to use film more.

As always with film posts, the below are not altered in any way from their scans (except for adjusting image size for web). Also, credits to Senaa for taking the photos of moi.