tasting menu at richmond station.

by two after twenty


My new set of Monday Moments will be resuming next week! I’ve decided to take a brief break and post about my absolutely amazing visit to Richmond Station.

I had the privilege of trying the Richmond Station tasting menu with Margret and Jackson two weekends ago, which was a highly gluttonous weekend (a bit of an understatement – a 10+ course tasting for my brother’s wedding was also jammed into this weekend of eating!). Richmond Station is a cozy restaurant at Richmond and Yonge, and I am absolutely in love with the restaurant’s layout, including their open kitchen (unfortunately, we were seated at the front of the restaurant, away from this feature). Regardless, we chowed down on a handful of really amazing selections. My favourite was the charcuterie board (of course), which included foie gras, tongue and cheek, pistachio mortadella (YUM!), culatelli and their house terrin.

To end off our massive meal: a few unique dessert selections made special for us by Margret’s friend, Tracy. The peanut butter bar (decorated with celery chips) was to die for … yum yum yum.