monday moment (fifty two).

by two after twenty


Today’s Monday Moment. This little Instax collection is right above my desk – I try to swap out the photos every so often, to keep things feelin’ fresh! And yes, this is it – my fifty second Monday Moment. A year full of Monday Moments! I did it!


Before I started this unofficial “Project 52″, I was looking for a way to to incorporate playing around with design into this blog. I’ve always had a thing for typography – I’m one of those annoying people that likes to point out “this font is on this menu/sign/readable thing”, so naturally this seemed like a perfect project to tackle. I’ve also decided to continue my Monday Moments for another round!

+ My personal favourites of some of the Monday Moments are these: forty three, ten, and thirty six.
+ Listening to Babe by Evenings this week.
+ Loving these Instagrams from my contacts this week: this one by cindyloughridge, this one by pearandapricot, and this one by hannahqueen.