monday moment (forty nine).

by two after twenty


Alright. I know, it’s not Monday … but hopefully you can all let it slide! Yesterday became a little more busy than expected, so this week’s Monday Moment will now be a Tuesday Moment!

This was taken during this day in Foshan. I have strange luck when it comes to travelling and finding random cats (one example here). This little guy was making a lot of noise in the corner of the temple, maybe asking for some attention? I took a few photos, but I don’t think he appreciated my camera – he grumpily walked away from me pretty quickly.

+ Another amazing one from Santigold for this week’s jam.
+ So excited to see Vampire Weekend in May with two very cool people :)
+ I loved these Instagrams from my amazing contacts this week: this one by irinabond, this one by pketron and this one by issata.