foshan ancestral temple.

by two after twenty



Halfway through our trip to mainland China, we visited the Foshan Ancestral Temple. Before this, we had spent our days in China visiting villages in the outskirts and wandering around the alleyways of Jiangmen. Our long days were spent exploring different types of rural living, seeing really fascinating sights and buildings that I could never even imagine. It was all overwhelming, but an amazing experience.

So visiting Foshan was actually a bit of a breather – a modernized city north-west of Jiangmen, parts of Foshan really reminded all of us of Toronto’s Yorkville or Distillery district. Seeing a Starbucks sign in Foshan was a bit surreal at that point, but it was welcomed! (Especially since the weather was muggy and humid). These photos were taken at the Foshan Ancestral Temple, a serene and beautiful temple in the middle of the city.