wan chai wet market.

by two after twenty


On my third day in Hong Kong, my brother and I met with one of my brother’s old friends for lunch. He lead the way to the restaurant, taking us through shortcuts and alleyways, and unknowingly lead us through an amazing photo opportunity. Wet markets in Hong Kong are one of my favourite things about the city. The energy is so palpable in these wet markets – every corner is interesting, every person is on a mission. Yeah, sure, it kind of smells weird sometimes. And yeah, okay, there are some iffy sights to be seen (like a full goat’s head – that photo will definitely not be here, though). But the local culture and the liveliness of these wet markets is incredible to be a part of.

I wish we lived in a magical land where photos moved (coughHarryPottercough), or you know, that it was possible to make really high-res cinemagraphs without breaking my computer. Almost all of the creatures below were moving in their own unique way, and I wish you could see the liveliness. Shrimps wiggled their legs, frogs blinked their eyes, crabs blew bubbles, fish flip-flopped angrily. I got a bit of cut-eye from some of the butchers – probably because I was taking photos and not buying dinner!