monday moment (forty five).

by two after twenty


Hello again, and happy Monday Moment! Today’s Monday Moment explains my absence from this little space of mine. I just came back from an awesome 10 days in Florida. Jackson and I flew to Fort Lauderdale and rented a car (which turned out to be a white Beetle – woohoo!), which we then drove down to Key Largo. We had a bit of a road trip (on the Overseas Highway – what better road could we ask for?), hitting Marathon, Key West, Miami, Daytona Beach and then Disneyville – oops, I mean Orlando. Coming back to the cold weather in Toronto is no fun, so I’m just going to cuddle up with this picture and think of warmer days.

In the next little bit, I’ll be alternating between uploading my photos from Asia and Florida – that is, if a coffee/cafe/food post doesn’t interrupt the travel festivities.

+ I had to pick this as my new jam … the new Justin Timberlake Suit and Tie. Super catchy after the slow intro.