hong kong (part one).

by two after twenty



Whew. I just returned a few days ago from my trip to Hong Kong and Jiangmen … and I already miss it. I’m still a little jet-lagged, but I had to post something here. It’s been so long since I’ve updated anything, and I’m sincerely sorry about that! To make up for the quiet month, here are some captures of Hong Kong.

My brother and I travelled to Hong Kong before our cousin’s wedding in Jiangmen. Since he had spent a year in HK when he was in university, he knew what to show me and where to take me – and of course, I always had a camera on me. A few things I learned from my first days in Hong Kong: it’s humid, it’s lively, it’s wonderful. Everything is fast. The people walk quickly, the escalators are much faster, and the subways reach scary speeds. The crowds in the MTR (subway) are insane. Crossing the street can sometimes be a stunt – cars have the right of way, not pedestrians (and they won’t slow down if you happen to run across!). This is also a very important detail to take note of if you’re from North America and accustomed to right-hand traffic (let’s just say I had a few close calls!).

These frames are from our first day exploring Hong Kong. Aaaand this is only Part One of many!