monday moment (forty four).

by two after twenty


Happy Monday everyone! Today’s Monday Moment must be viewed large (just by clicking the photo). I really apologize for all of the Monday moments that have been stacking up on the blog lately … BUT, I can safely say that this won’t be the case for very long!

I’m leaving this Friday with my older brother on a 10-day trip to Hong Kong and China for a cousin’s wedding, and I’m a mixture of both excitement and anxiety! I can’t wait to attend my cousin’s wedding, and I’m so excited to finally get a firsthand glimpse of China. It’s been a lifelong dream of mine to see the villages where my parents were born. On the other hand, I haven’t travelled overseas since I was 9 (cue anxiety). In any case, I will definitely be lugging around my cameras for the entire trip and snapping away. I plan to capture as much as I can, so be prepared for a spam of photos when I return!

+ I’ve been dancing around to this song recently. Love the xylophone-y background.