a video – nutella stuffed chocolate chip cookies.

by two after twenty

A few weeks ago, I was itching to film a little something. When I had started twoaftertwenty.com, I had initially wanted to combine photos and videos, but had never gotten around to the latter. I really wanted to change this, so here it is – a short little piece on baking nutella stuffed chocolate chip cookies, a delicious recipe from ambitious kitchen.

To state the obvious, video is a completely different animal. Focusing can be a real kick in the pants sometimes, and there are very few re-takes in baking videos. I went through a lot of challenges for this particular video – I had only one lens to really live on, and Vimeo does this thing where it sometimes changes the colouring of final outputs (this KILLS me, actually).

That being said, this was a lot of fun to make. I have to give a big shout out to Senaa for letting me use her space (and herself) in the video. This could seriously not have been done without her! And a huge thank you to the wonderful and immensely talented Keith Kenniff, also known as Helios, for allowing me to use one of my favourite songs in this little piece. Enjoy! And please watch in HD on my actual Vimeo channel if you would like to view a higher quality, the below embed is NOT in HD.