monday moments (thirty one and thirty two).

by two after twenty



Last week, my perfect Monday Moment record ended (sigh). For the past thirty Mondays, I can comfortably say I’ve been great with getting my moments up with plenty of time to spare. Even during the I-don’t-know-how-I’m-going-to-make-it-through-this-Monday Mondays, I had found magical spare minutes, or had a photo all ready to go the Sunday before.

I work the press junkets during TIFF, and I knew it was going to be insanity like every year (insanity is putting it … lightly). Before the festival started, I wasn’t too worried about how I would get my Monday (TIFF) Moment up on the blog. I was all, “hm, I’m sure I’ll have a free few minutes on the Sunday or Monday during TIFF to quickly get a photo done, no biggie, it won’t take long!”. Well! I was clearly overly optimistic. Once this 2012 festival of TIFF started, there was no stopping/breathing/spare-moment-having to be … had. Hence, my perfect Monday Moment stint went down the drain.

To make up for the sad absence last week, I’m uploading two this week. The first is from my little photo session with Aly and Ian during the summer. The second photo is from my early walk around the Distillery District a few weeks ago. Here’s hoping that last week was my only Monday Moment absence :)